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i played it and it was sometimes hard and sometimes easy i wish you could do that elevator random seed thing from that kickstarter exclusive demo game that non backers did not play how about adding that and make it a full random map series if not well okay you can't make that....

I'm really glad you bring some variety to baldi mods, Paulor. Baldi mods are atrocious and its just playing the same thing over and over. All of your mods are great since they try to do something new each time!


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Will you Ever make an Andriod Version? I saw Youtubers Play it, and I would be Extremely filled with Joy if this was on Andriod.😁 (PS. If your Really busy making other Mods I'm So sorry for asking You)

good news the video of the game is uploading!!!  and a new playlist is coming up

Ok I'm excited to see it. Also the next map after the "Legend school" map will be a huge one.

oh but soon about 2 hours at the end of the video of the legend school I show my map


hello paulor94


There are two uploads with the same name, one is 53 and the other is 57 MB. What's the difference?

ones a .zip and ones a .rar