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l know it isn't collides with the game but look an non-understand for you thing.


i cant breathe right now 

I saw your twitter and youre doing my map


link plz?


check at Cubical map

ok thanks

y welcome

Are you dısco

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How many more days before you are done with the exam? I want the tutorial about how to make baldi head pop out when you make make a noise.


Well I'm already done with the exam. Also if you want to know how I make a Baldi head pop up when you make noise, why don't you download this map and use the DnSpy to see the code how I make a Baldi head pops up. It's in Baldi script on public void Hear()

See how hard is stencyl:

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SO LUCKY MAN (and l finally won this mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And premiere of this:

My new map:

Easiest school


itemsand characters spawn here

Make this the next map pls and it's called mirrored map

so stealing my map hey?

о нет!

I can't make my own map :(

make your own in paint 3D its easy! no unity, just make a map layout and send it to him with a name!

thanks :)

or find the textures of the game and use them in a app.

Paulor94, Please Make a tutorial about how to make Baldi head pop out when you make a noise. PLEASE?

I will do that later and please stop asking the same question over and over again.

Okay. I just didn't know how to.

You didn't even make a tutorial on hwo to do IT! Do it now!

Hang on ok? I will do it when I have time. I have an exam to be dealing with over here.


NEWS: l WON THE GAME WITH 3rd Play!!!!

Don't comment that, it says "Do it now!" it's Prohibited >:(

and annoying for Paulor 94 >:(

Paulor94? Please make a tutorial about make to make Baldi head pop out when you make a noise on Gamebanana Please.

Here is My Character Submission: Drumby
He Plays The Drum and there's a Chance it Could Attracts Some of The Characters, and Prevent Baldi From Hearing, Drumminng Lasts 10 Seconds.

(3 edits)

He Drum's Randomly Like How The Principal of The Thing Whistles Randomly But Longer, He Says a Voice line Before He Starts Drumming,

 Script: "Time to Play Some Music on My Favorite Instrument"                    So Paulor94 What Do You Think?

Interesting actually.

Could it Appear in the Game? (i'm Just Curious)

Not sure yet.

Please make a tutorial about how to make Baldi head pop out when you make a noise on Gamebanana


Please can give credit to your 12th map to deduct the wait for the 2nd public demo! PLZ this is the last time I give credits to your PLZ map !! : '(

My Character

name: Last Place


History Last Place Is Meant To Be A Kid That Has Been In Here School For 2 Years. He’s Been In The Schoolhouse Since The Beginning Of Baldi’s Basics.The Thing Is,Though,He’s Been Raging That He Never Won A Game,Since The First Anniversary.He Participated The 1st Annual Science Fair,Yet,He Got Last Place,Out Of The 20 Kids That Joined.

Appearance His Project In The Science Fair Was Robot Armor,Made Out Of Cardboard.He Wears It All The Time Now.His Appearance Is A Character As Short As Playtime,Inside A Robot Costume,Made Out Of Cardboard,Inside The Eye Holes,You Can See Black Eyes.It All Looks Normal,EXCEPT There Are Canons On It.

Behavior Last Place Shoots A Lot Of Water Out Of His Canons,And There Is Duck Tape Inside There (The duck tape is not visible).He Only Shoots You When You Have 7/7 Notebooks.He Is Completely Passive When You Have 6 Notebooks Or Less.Maybe He Is Also Playing The Game,And He Wants To Win,Not You.He Usually Launches You 3 Doors Back.In Hard Mode,When He Hits You,You Keep Going Back Until,You Hit A Wall,OR Baldi Catches You,Of Course.

Friends & Enemies He Has Only One Friend,And That’s It’s A Bully.Last Place Is Also It’s A Bully’s Only Friend.It Never Tells You Why,Though.Anyway,His Enemies Are Faculty,The Player,Bosses,And His Rival,1st Prize,Who He Will Automatically Shoot.He Is Also One Of The Two Character That Can Remove It’s A Bully.

His Real Name Last Place’s Real Name Is “Nick Brown”.

Hello Paulo 94, I did the "second version" of the Modified Assembly-CSharp, now I made the bully literally stay in detention when he was caught by the director, but he didn’t take any item from the player when he touched him in detention, he says the audio "aud_Bored" instead of taking the item, I also modified the director, now he catches the player by cutting the playtime string too, and says, "No bullying in the halls"
I don't know if I'm bothering you or unnecessarily sending these posts with improvements or modifications to your game, I hope you will accept using my modifications and credit me, well, I hope I'm not asking for too much.
Modified Assembly-CSharp:

It's cool?

So, I like this series so far, but when is the next 12th map coming out? And good job for reaching 10 maps!

Thanks and for the 12th map of this series. It will be out in the next 2 weeks because I have final exam to be dealing with right now. I have to study for it first.

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nice icon profil

description of it: '' You wear the glasses to others''


How do you decide which map you will upload? (PLZ answer)

Have u relase DB Beta 2

Hello Paulo 94, I have good news, I modified the Hard school script, when I did this, I had the idea to make the director instead of being disabled in "MelanieEvent", I made him go to the room, I used PartyEvent to do this, it took four days to find out, but I managed, I will send the modified Assembly-CSharp mediafire link, "I added and removed other things, but pay attention to the director mainly". In fact I hope that this function will be added in other custom maps and in the future ...

I will do it in the Intel Core i3 Laptop


Sorry I won't create more maps of you, I'm just waiting for the 2nd public demo ddanielslurp say "Credit Paulor94 All your Games on of Custom Maps, And You Will get a Cracked Kickstarter Demo"... :'(

Yeah Just Credit Paulor94 All your Games on of Custom Maps, Sorry For That, So Now Im Waiting Till you Credit Him

Can i have too

After if you Stop Spamming Comments and Stealing People Mods First!


Whats the next step

And Credit People That You Modding People Decomplied Mods

This series is endless and it cannot end like i said, it's "endless".

Yeah it's endless. I will only make the next map of this series when I have enough time which right now I'm busy with the other stuff so yeah I still didn't have enough time to do the next map of this series.

2070 = 48093786565759087947843 maps

rating: five stars

reason: is nice



Who is speak TURKISH????

Who is speak GREEK???? (Nah, just forget it)

Excuse me Paulor94, I'm making my new map of Baldi's Basics, So i am making New Textures and I will credit you. Okay?



what have you made me done



what why

i spam u

hi anton6485076

Too Much comments! Replied 20 times.


that's me!

XD too many noficilations from me

new map:3 space school do it at 30th map

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White donts are al wander points

black donts: cloudy copter spawnpoint

orange donts: bully spawnpoint

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White lines: windows

sorry but what do mean wander points because l'm not English. l'm Greek :'(

Speak greek?

Yea. Do you?

no :(

Me too i live at Turkey

(Not The food Turkey)

what, ew, i don't like turkey >:(


the food or the country


γιατί το είπες αυτό

SEE, it is greek, Not English


my map: the oddly mirrored school

can this map introduce a testdithered npc to this game?

new name:the odd school

Mine: Begginer's Schoolhouse:

weird, but OK

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I need help with my game Baldi's Basics 2 (Основы Бальди 2) 

Edit: I need help with unity 

Deleted 24 days ago

Amazing! Wow



y welcome!

Nice and thanks for the map ideas.

Your Welcome.

I love it! Very creative.

You are Welcome.

funny and nice map but it's a little small

haha! Nice, dude!

l have an idea for map and l called: Beginner's Schoolhouse


Wow nice and thanks for the map ideas.

Do you wanna learn where did l find the baldi files (l mean without Unity)

also thank you for telling that :D


bruh i think i memorized this map here:



Can you make Swinging Doors Not Blurry and All Textures from To Nearest to None?

do u know yee?



help me to rename item in you mod

Can you teach me how to add Baldi Head, Minimap and A Cursor Appearing When It Hover Over An Object Or Notebook?

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paulor94 xgames9000 modded your game again


Yeah I know that already.


hey paulor94, can you add secret codes and field trips please?


I will think about that later. Maybe I will add a secret code.

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Paulor94 can you look at my game it's called BBRMS All Of Them



Ccs is Cloudy Copter Spawnpoint

Bs is bully Spawnpoint

Awa is al Wander area


Well look. My mind was like all over the place and I can't decide which map I want to do next so please stop with the behavior like "Do my map now" or "I want my map now". If you keep being like this, I will not accept your map. I'm gonna add this into the rules now.


im not doing like that all i want is 





Well look I had to otherwise there's gonna be more people that has this behavior and if that happens way too much, I might had to cancel this series so please no bad behavior after you send the map layout to me.


Ok sorry what i said. 

Secret: şçöğü

My map's Turkish Ver. is "God Libary" ????

Me l'm ok with your rules. The only thing l wanna try is to add (l you have time and you think it's good sure) my map.

- Also l'm lucky because l'm a 11,5 kid.

Canal Coronavirus Syndrome XD






edit the photo with 5 playtimes

Paulor94. I think you forgot my ChalkFace sprites I requested.

Oh yeah sorry. I just forgot.

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my chalkface?

(1 edit)

Nah its fine do it at 20th map

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